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CARES Act Provider Relief Fund: Data

who received a payment from the Provider Relief Fund and attested to the terms and conditions.

General Distribution ($50 billion)

$50 billion is allocated proportional to providers' share of 2018 net patient revenue. The allocation methodology is designed to provide relief to providers, who bill Medicare fee-for-service, with at least 2% of that provider’s net patient revenue regardless of the provider’s payer mix. Payments are determined based on the lesser of 2% of a provider’s 2018 (or most recent complete tax year) net patient revenue or the sum of incurred losses for March and April.

Information about the Initial $30 Billion Distribution

On April 10, 亿乐彩彩票, HHS immediately distributed $30 billion to eligible providers throughout the American healthcare system. These are payments, not loans, to healthcare providers, and do not need to be repaid.

*Note that these breakdowns show the amount allocated to billing organizations for eligible recipients based on the billing organizations' address, not necessarily the state where the providers are operating.

Targeted Allocations ($50 billion)

$12 Billion High-Impact Distribution

HHS is distributing $12 billion to 395 hospitals who provided inpatient care for 100 or more COVID-19 patients through April 10, 亿乐彩彩票, $2 billion of which will be distributed to these hospitals based on their Medicare and Medicaid disproportionate share and uncompensated care payments.

$10 Billion Rural Distribution

HHS is distributing $10 billion to rural hospitals, including rural acute care general hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), Rural Health Clinics (RHCs), and Community Health Centers located in rural areas.

$4.9 Billion Distribution to Skilled Nursing Facilities

Read the breakdown of the $4.9 billion distribution to skilled nursing facilities by State*

*This content is in the process of Section 508 review. If you need immediate assistance accessing this content, please submit a request to PRFdata@hrsa.gov. Content will be updated pending the outcome of the Section 508 review.

COVID-19 Testing and Treatment of Uninsured Individuals

HRSA is providing reimbursements to healthcare providers for the testing and treatment of uninsured COVID-19 individuals on or after February 4, 亿乐彩彩票.

  • who have received a reimbursement from the Allocation for Uninsured individuals of the FFCRA Relief Fund and/or Provider Relief Fund.

Explore the COVID-19 Funding Data

Emergency funding and stimulus packages were passed to support the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Provider Relief Funding is being delivered to providers across the country.

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Content last reviewed on June 3, 亿乐彩彩票